Leadership Coaching

Why Coach with Amy?

Amy has worked with hundreds of organizations and individuals helping them hire and retain great people, improve workplace best practices, improve leadership skills and abilities, and improve human resources professionalism at work.

Amy creates individual leadership coaching programs with the focus to improve knowledge for entrepreneurs, business executives, supervisors and managers in the areas of:

  • Finding the right talent
  • Hiring the right talent
  • Retaining the right talent
  • Leading your talent to high performance
  • Best practices to improve the leader’s performance at work

Amy creates individual coaching programs for human resources professionals in the areas of:

  • Understanding the Six Key areas of Human Resources – the why’s and how’s of these areas for your organization
  • Assessing current capabilities of your personal or professional HR talent – and coaching up where needed
  • Performing as a Strategic Human Resources leader – how to become strategic, understand how to deliver strategy, and to get results as a respected leader in the field
  • Mastery of attaining certification – helping individuals achieve their goal as a respected professional with PHR, SPHR or GPHR certification.

Amy also creates coaching and consulting programs for Human Resources Consultants in order to achieve:

  • A more successful and rewarding human resources consulting practice
  • Positive business results through a platform to deliver excellence
  • A profitable consulting practice yielding high results for clients and positive financial impact

“Amy is a great coach and partner. She provides guidance and expertise just when we need it.”

Stuart Baird
Vice President/General Manager
Software Management, LLC.

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