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Amy is the authority on Human Resources Best Practices – including workplace best practices for entrepreneurs, not for profits and small businesses. As a certified human resources pro, speaker, trainer, consultant, and author, Amy has helped hundreds of companies improve hiring decisions, reduce turnover and improve employee engagement for over 20 years. Her experience in manufacturing, service and technology, as well as being an international consultant and coach are the reasons she is the leading authority in the “workplace improvement” and human resources field.

See below for a sample of Amy Letke’s speaking topics:

Turn on the Searchlight! Secrets Revealed for Finding and Keeping the Right Employees 

Everyone wants to hire the best and the brightest employees, but why is it that some are more successful than others in making this happen? The process seems so simple, yet even the best interviewing candidates can turn into a nightmare once they’re hired at work. Oftentimes the challenge is in the process itself, but leaders need to unlock the keys to selecting the right people — and with a little practice, success will be achieved! This session will reveal the best practices organizations can take to recruit, hire and keep the best employees who offer greater productivity and long term performance.

Keys to Designing a Winning High Performance Work Culture

What are the key secrets to a high performing workplace? Top employers tell us one secret to their great performance — that engaged employees are excited and enthusiastic about their jobs, and help make the organization more successful. They resist distractions, tend to forget about time and routinely produce significantly more than the job requires. They enjoy searching for ways to improve circumstances, and they volunteer for difficult assignments. They also encourage others to achieve higher levels of performance. Finally, they are proud to be involved with their organization and are likely to stay with the organization for the long term. This session unleashes the keys for your organization’s success!

What You See May Not Be What You Get: Understanding the “Generations” in Your Workforce

It’s not uncommon to have three or four generations in the workplace today. Why is that? Boomers aren’t retiring, and some are deciding that retirement may not be in the cards. So what does that mean for organizations? We have three or four distinct groups of employees vying for management’s time relative to their different needs, wants, and roles. How can we be successful in managing these groups effectively? This session will uncover the common mistakes employers make in managing a multi-generational work place, and simple solutions to help be more successful in integrating the unique nuances of the decades which result in improved performance and on the job satisfaction!

Coaching for Top Performance: Get the Yield!

How many times have we received inaccurate or partial job related feedback that led to nothing but confusion? How many times have we given it? This session focuses on how leaders can use effective means of coaching with employees to achieve greater levels of performance at work. It doesn’t take a lot of time, but it does take developing specific techniques, that with a little practice, can yield some amazing results. Let Amy share these secrets with your organization so you can put them into place and see the results!

Developing Your Winning Executive Presence

What is a Winning Presence? Almost everyone recognizes successful executive presence when they see it. Some might even say it is the most sought after quality in business today. When a person with executive presence or “charisma” walks into a meeting room, mobile devices shut down, computers close and tweets cease. Why? Because a winning presence gives its owner instant respect, authority and power. Is it something some individuals are born with, or can it be learned? The answer is both – some individuals have an innate grace and presence. But for others, there are steps we can take to advance our own charisma, style and image. In this session, we’ll explore the eight key measures of “leadership presence” — and how you can master these to be even more successful in leading your organization.

Making Human Resources a Productivity Center

Measuring success in the field of human resources can be a challenge — many elements are “tricky” and confidentiality can be a concern. Still, HR can be an efficient productivity center for any organization, providing it can produce metrics that support the business and its plan for future success. This session is designed to share the key strategic metrics associated with human resources, and how they can be effectively implemented to unleash positive feedback about HR’s contribution to the bottom line. Let Amy share these metrics and measure your success immediately!

Predicting On The Job Success

Determining if someone has the technical skill, can apply it, and can fit in an organization can be a tough feat of cultural gymnastics! But it doesn’t have to be an athletic competition – because results can be successfully achieved by putting simple steps into your organization to design on the job success. What are these steps? In this session, we’ll explore four key steps to predicting on the job success – where you create a process and workflow to obtain even greater levels of success. More times than not, leaders want to use “gut instinct” to guide them and statistics show that interviewers decide on a candidate only after 30 seconds in an interview! Avoid the trap of unsuccessful new hires – follow these simple four steps and improve your selection, retention and satisfaction of hires and your employee culture overall.

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