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Do you know what Boys and Girls Clubs, The Society for Human Resource Management, Greater Louisville Inc., Kentucky CPA Society, and Chamber of Commerce all have in common?

They all know how critically important it is to recruit, select, and retain only the best employees and implement solid workplace “Best Practices” to improve their bottom line – and they all hired Amy Letke to help them do it better because they knew Amy’s professional speaking presentations would:

  • Teach them the techniques necessary to procure great people
  • Improve the caliber of people being recruited
  • Help them identify “Best Practices” to gain better hiring, retention, and performance results
  • Provide time-saving and results based tools to improve selection rates and performance
  • Improve bottom line performance through reduced turnover, better management practices, and workflow designed for high performance

The Top 7 Reasons to Book Amy As Your Professional Speaker Today:

  1. Amy is the authority on Human Resources Best Practices – including workplace best practices for entrepreneurs, not for profits and small businesses. As a certified human resources pro, speaker, trainer, consultant, and author, Amy has helped hundreds of companies improve hiring decisions, reduce turnover and improve employee engagement for over 20 years. Her experience in manufacturing, service and technology, as well as being an international consultant and coach are the reasons she is the leading authority in the “workplace improvement” and human resources field.
  2. Amy is practical, delivering ideas business owners, hiring managers and HR professionals can put to immediate use. Amy’s presentations offer an interactive approach – including audience exercises, examples and best practices.  Attendees will take away immediate and implementable programs improving hiring, onboarding, and retaining great people.
  3. Amy’s “no nonsense” approach will teach attendees how to be a better “hands on” leader and obtain great results from employees. Participants learn what makes their best employees “tick,” how best to manage them, and how to hire more just like them.
  4. Amy is a “chameleon” trainer – speaking to many industries and business types. She teaches “newbie” manufacturing leaders to C-suite executives. She’s high-energy, high-impact, providing engaging presentations – there’s no sleeper’s in this audience!
  5. Amy customizes each presentation she delivers. She’ll find out where the real needs are ahead of time, and develop a targeted program with key take-aways ensuring client satisfaction and solid results.
  6. Amy focuses on one thing and one thing only: Improving Human Resources Best Practices in Smaller Organizations. She’s been consulting and coaching leaders from the CEO to HR to the Frontline Leader successfully in this area for over 20 years.
  7. Amy’s programs make a difference. She creates the “ah ha” moments in the audience with her practical, no-nonsense approach to dealing with hiring, employee issues, handling tough matters and addressing leadership issues.  She’ll deliver great ideas and “take aways” so you can put practical and proven approaches to use right away in your organization.

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